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Project Shift is an immersive Full Stack Software Engineering education with a vision to rebuild and redefine what it means to mentor and train new developers. Through our full-time program, students master the pragmatic and theoretical fundamentals of Full Stack software development utilizing the JavaScript ecosystem. Because we care more about people than profits and are committed to the long-term success of our graduates, we are the only code school in North Carolina to transparently publish our graduate outcomes.


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Cohort Project

To simulate what it is like to work in the real world as part of a larger engineering team, our students together built their "Cohort Project" in just 5 days, utilizing Agile Development methodologies. As a team, they self-assigned several roles, including "Product Owner", "Designer", "Front End Lead" and "Back End Lead". Each member of the cohort who took on one of these roles also doubled as a developer on either the "Back End Team" or "Front End Team".

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One on One Mentors, Skills-Based Mentors, and Speakers

Alice Tung - Grove Collaborative
Ben McCormick - Kustomer
Billy DeLashmutt - TrialCard
Brian Schuster - IBM
Cindy Chastang - IBM
Chris Sotherden - SignalPath
Dan Posse - Open Intelligence
David Rogers - Grove Collaborative
Dev Doshi - Flip Your Training & Optic
Hew Keller - Accenture
Jacob Wernette - IBM
Jake Palmer - Archive Social
James Skeen - IBM
Jario Suriel - Trial Card
Jeff Altneu - Citrix
Joy T. Kaufman - Nutanix
Laura Micek - Fidelity
Lisa Smith - Zapier
Linda Vu - Skookum
Lindsay Schinasi - Reveal Mobile
Marc Baumbach - Seguno
Matthew Fine - Avalara
Matt Phillips - Bandwidth

Mazen Chami - Klearly
Mike Renoe - Takeout Central
Philip King - Credit Suisse
Ron Harman - CTO Outsourcing
Rosemary Lissenden - Credit Suisse
Sean Dolan - The Climate Service
Tara Reynolds - Eliassen Group
Thomas Wessel - Eliassen Group

Tucker Blackwell - CrossComm
Zulmy Cortez - Credit Suisse

Advisory Board Members

Chris O’Rourke - Cisco
Rob Whitman - Pocket Prep
Ken Auer - Role Model Software


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